Turbine oils

Turbine oils

GST 2300 oils

Chevron GST 2300 oils are designed to meet the critical lubrication demands of:
• combined cycle turbines
• large heavy duty industrial gas turbines
• gas and steam turbines with loaded gears

They are an excellent recommendation for many other industrial applications including air compression.


These oils are formulated with premium base oil technology designed to meet the critical demands of:
1. Non-geared gas, steam, and hydroelectric turbine bearing lubrication.
2. Reduction gear lubrication in machine operations.

Regal R&O oil

Regal R&O oils are designed to give outstanding performance in steam and hydroelectric turbines.

Regal R&O oils provide rust protection, oxidation inhibition, and foam suppression.
They pass the Fresh Water Corrosion Test (ASTM D665, Procedure A), and the severe Synthetic Sea Water Rust  Test (ASTM D665, Procedure B).

Turbine oil symbol 2190 TEP

Turbine Oil Symbol 2190 TEP was developed primarily as a circulating system oil for marine gear turbine sets. Turbine Oil 2190 TEP provides mild extreme pressure protection as well as resistance to rust, oxidation, corrosion, and foaming. Turbine Oil 2190 TEP has outstanding thermal and oxidation stability which allows it to withstand the high temperatures found in turbine bearing and gear lubrication. The foam inhibition prevents the buildup of foam in the sump tank with possible vent pipe overflow. Its excellent stability, high viscosity index, and rust and corrosion inhibition assures high film strength lubrication for gears and bearings, as well as rust and corrosion protection. Together, these qualities mean both long lubricant and equipment life. Military Symbol 2190 T-EP meets the requirement of Military Specification MIL-L-17731H, Amend. 1 “Lubrication Oil, Steam Turbine, and Gear, Moderate Service.”

Synthetic Turbine oil SGT

Synthetic Turbine oil SGT is a premium performance, synthetic polyol ester-based turbine lubricant for use in modified aviation-type gas turbines in stationary and marine service.