FM ALC EP 0,1,2

FM ALC EP food machinery greases are high performance, multipurpose products that are white in color, odorless, tasteless, and water-resistant. Available in three NLGI grades, Chevron FM ALC EP were developed for the food processing and canning industries. Food machinery greases are multipurpose lubricants suitable for many grease-lubricated machinery located in canneries, beverage bottlers and canners, potato/corn chip processors, candy manufacturers,meat and poultry packers, frozen food processors, and other food producers and processors. They are specifically recommended for critical applications where there is a possibility of the lubricant becoming an incidental food ingredient.


Chevron FM CSC EP food machinery greases are high performance products that are tan in color and waterresistant.They have been specifically developed for the food processing and canning industries. Formulated for the food processing and canning industries.

Delo Greases EP

They are formulated with ISOSYN base stocks, a lithium complex thickener, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and extreme pressure and tackiness additives. They are blue in color with a tacky texture.  These products are formulated to perform in unusually demanding conditions of high and low temperatures.

Delo Heavy Duty Synthetic Moly 5% Ep; Delo Heavy Duty Moly 5% Ep; Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% Ep;Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% Ep; Delo Heavy Duty Ep 1, 2

Delo Heavy Duty EP is a comprehensive line of greases that are available with or without molybdenum disulfide. These greases are designed
for plain and anti-friction bearing applications operating under high stress/high load conditions, coupled with high ambient temperatures
typically found in heavy duty off-road applications. Delo Heavy Duty Synthetic Moly 5% EP, Delo Heavy

Duty Moly 5% EP, Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP and Delo Heavy Duty EP greases deliver value for the off-road construction and mining industries by offering:
1. Corrosion and wear protection
2. Water resistance in both submerged and direct
pressure spray situations
3. Shock load protection
4. Performance across a wide temperature range from extremely hot to extremely cold conditions, this unique Heavy Duty EP product line
delivers when needed most

Delo Synthetic Greases SF

Lubricant is a high performance grease specifically engineered for trailer wheel-ends operating in a wide range of conditions. Delo Synthetic Grease SF is formulated to perform in demanding conditions of high and low temperatures.

Moly Greases EP

These greases are recommended in automotive and industrial applications that require grease with molybdenum disulfide. Moly Greases EP are recommended for use in automotive and industrial equipment where a moly type grease is recommended. Typical applications in automotive equipment are: chassis, bearings, universal joints, fifth wheels, and ball joints. Chevron Moly Greases EP are also  recommended for use in construction equipment such as bulldozers, scrapers, loaders, shovels, etc

Multifak EP 1 2

Multifak EP greases are multipurpose extreme pressure greases suitable for use in many industrial grease applications. They are manufactured using selected highly refined medium viscosity index base oils, a lithium 12-hydroxystearate thickener, an extreme pressure additive, and rust and oxidation inhibitors.

Black Pearl Greases EP

Black Pearl Greases EP are multipurpose, polyurea, extreme pressure, water-resistant greases. They are formulated with highly refined base stock, a polyurea thickener, and rust and oxidation inhibitors. They are black in color and smooth and buttery in texture.

Rykotac Greases EP

Rykotac Grease EP is highly refined grease that clings to metals, resists both wash-off and spin-off, and provides cold weather and high teamperature performance. This grease is an excellent choice for heavy duty construction or farming equipment operating in both low and high temperatures, chain drives, and other applications in which a grease that clings to metal and resists spin-off is needed.

Starplex EP

Starplex EP greases are water resistant, extreme pressure, heavy duty chassis and wheel bearing greases.They are recommended for: use in the lubrication of trucks, tractors, and passenger cars. This includes ball joints, universal; joints, chassis points, wheel bearings, water pumps, and fifth wheels; boat trailer wheel bearings;high temperature disc brake bearing applications.

Starplex Premium

Starplex Premium is a lithium complex grease, formulated with a high viscosity base oil and special selected additives, including polymers, to impart extreme pressure characteristics as well as corrosion, wear oxidation and water wash out protection.

Ulti-Plex Greases EP

Ulti-Plex Greases EP are multipurpose, high performance greases specially formulated for extreme pressure bearing applications operating under high and low temperature conditions. They are manufactured using selected highly refined, high viscosity base oils, a lithium complex thickener, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and extreme pressure and tackiness additives.

Ulti-Plex HV Synthetic Greases EP

This is high performance grease specially formulated for extreme pressure bearing applications operating under the high and low temperature conditions and for those difficult applications requiring extended lubrication intervals.

Ultra-Duty Grease HD 00

This is lithium based semi-fluid grease specially formulated with high viscosity base oil, and an additive package that contains inhibitors and tackifiers. Chevron Ultra-Duty HD is recommended for gear drives that specify an NLGI 00, semi-fluid, grease.

Ultra-Duty Grease EP NLGI 0, 1, 2

These greases are versatile, multipurpose extreme pressure greases with high adhesive properties designed for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications. Ultra-Duty Greases EP are recommended for use in automotive and industrial equipment operating under most conditions except where very high operating temperatures are encountered. Typical applications are: mining equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment, marine deck equipment, marine deck cranes, oil field equipment, offshore drilling equipment, paper machines, dredging equipment, logging equipment, rock quarry equipment, etc., operating in water, mud, or dusty conditions.

Sil-X Greases NLGI 1,2

Sil-X Grease is silica-thickened grease recommended for industrial applications subjected to very high temperatures requiring a lubricant which will not melt. Sil-X Grease is recommended for industrial applications subjected to very high temperatures requiring a lubricant which will not melt.

Coupling Grease

This grease is specifically designed for the lubrication of high-speed grease lubricated flexible couplings where high centrifugal forces are present. It is designed for high-speed grease lubricated flexible couplings and is specially formulated to provide specific resistance to centrifugal separation in high-speed gear or grid couplings.

Curve Grease

Curve Grease was specifically designed for the lubrication of contact areas between wheel flanges of locomotive and railroad cars and curved railroad tracks. It is well suited for use in automatic rail curve lubricators.

Open Gear Lubricants

These lubricants are formulated to minimize wear and provide shock load protection during typical operations. The diluent allows the lubricant to penetrate into the core, thus carrying the lubricant into the individual strands and minimizes wear as the cable is run through sheaves or onto a winch drum.

Petrolatum snow WH

Petrolatum Snow White ash-free mixtures of mineral oils and a special petroleum wax with a smooth grease-like texture.

Petrolatum Snow White finds wide use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.