Metalworking Lubricants

Metalworking Lubricants

Quenching oil 70

Quenching oil 70 is premium quality quenching oil. It is designed to provide controlled cooling of steel which is important in steel hardening. When quenching is started, Chevron Quenching Oil 70 provides a high initial cooling rate inducing maximum hardness, yet once the critical transformation temperature is passed, the ideal fluid cooling rate decreases to eliminate the possibility of stresses and metal distortion.

Bright-cut Metalworking fluids NHG, NL, NM, AM, AH, AXH, AD

These oils are a complete line of chlorine-free cutting oils for use in machining operations. Chevron Bright-Cut Metalworking fluids formulated with ISOSYN base stocks provide increased oil life and a safer work environment by increasing the fluid’s flash point, and lowering exposure to aromatics and product vapor, smoking, and misting.

Soluble oil B, NB, HD

Chevron Soluble oil B is used broadly in machine shops as a multifunctional cutting fluid. It is primarily formulated to cool and lubricate the contact point of the tool and the work piece.The lubricant is recommended for metals (except magnesium) where maximum cooling is desired — particularly when cutting with carbon, high speed steel, or tungsten carbide tools. Chevron Soluble Oil B is used extensively in milling, drilling, gear cutting, turning, planing, shaping, sawing, and grinding operations.